A complete road map to window repair

Window repair is one of those few repairs that people think that they will not have to think about; however, there are numerous reasons as to why a window may need to be replaced. One of the most common grounds for home window repair is someone knocking the window out by accident. Most times in this situation there are children playing and next thing they know, there is glass shattering. Also, home window repair may be needed because of scratches, cracks, or holes. Many times home owners have to repair windows because of normal wear and tear on a home. The good thing about having to do this repair is that there are several things that can be done to fix the problem.

First, you have to gather the necessary tools or equipment needed for the repair of the window. Examples of these are:

1. Tape measure – this tool will help you get the appropriate size of your window and glass replacement
2. Screwdriver or a crowbar – to help you take the window apart
3. Pry bar
4. Knife

Identify the problem

This is the critical step to window maintenance and repair. Assess if it correctly opens and closes. Remember that the repair may not always be major. Sometimes, you just have to oil the hinges or replace a seal.

Correct Measurements

This is why you need a good tape measure. If your window pane needs replacement, you have to know the right measurements. When measuring, start inside the left jamb to the right.

A complete road map to window repair

Review the Stops and Sash Cord

Sash cords are the parts of the window that are movable. On the other hand, the window stop holds your sash vertically. Before you start taking them apart, you have to know how they are best removed. Otherwise, you’ll damage other parts of your window. This step is quite tricky, so you have to be very careful. Know how to remove them properly to prevent damage and so that you would know how to reinstall them again.

Window with Broken Glass

For windows with broken glass, the best way to solve the problem is by removing the sash and laying it on a table first. Cover the glass with a towel and break it. Remove the metal fasteners that keep the glass in its place. Apply some caulk on the frame after brushing paint primer that is quick to dry. Remove excess compound by scraping it off and then place the window sash back in its place. Apply paint at least after one week.

Window that Won’t Open

Now let’s see how to handle a stubborn window that won’t open. For a window that does not unlock, use a putty knife and tap the place between the frame and the window with the help of a rubber mallet. Exert effort in such a manner that it is directed to open the window. Repeat the process till the window opens.

Window that Won’t Close

For a window that won’t close in a normal way the most important thing is to find out the reason behind it. Observe if there are any abnormalities or defects. Identify any problem with the window’s separator or the hinges. However, if you are unable to detect the issue, it is best that you hire a trained professional.


Fully functioning windows are an important part of a home’s security system. To do the repair yourself it is crucial you know the basics. In case you don’t have the skills, it’s best to leave it to the experts to handle the repairs. To read further information about Window repairing technology and its application, click at http://www.bau-boden.com/window-repairing-technology-and-its-application/